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hope for new life…!!!!

new life…
life is different thinking…

when i decide to go away for my life…
it’s so hard for me…

but you never know if u never try..
just try the best..
and you will know…

the best is try for a new life..
more than else..

today is a good day..


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my first post……

assalamuallaikum…….. to all

Something is better than nothing..

life always make us to choose…
there are always two choices..
when we can’t decide one of two choices..
what should we do??

everthing in your life depend on your choice..
whatever you choose..
just do it..
do it with all your strength..
and believe that everthing you do is the best one for you and everyone..
stop dreaming and do it..
something is better than nothing..


wassalamualaikum, wr. wb.

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